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Hey guyz, I know this page is for hunting but I have just been assign this big project that is worth 200 points. I am doing mine on the DNR. If anyone and I mean anyone has any information please email me or leave a follow up.
If anyone knows the answers to these question I would deeply appreciate any information.
1. I need the history of the Michigan DNR.
2. What were the Goals of the DNR.
3. Who were the fonders.
4. Was it successfull in acheiving it's goals.
5. and if you have any other information it would be handy for some extra credit.
Thanks to anyone that has information
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Try the DNR website as a start. I bet If you send them email they would be willing an able to direct or redirect your inquiry.
Here is the DNR address: http://www.dnr.state.mi.us/
Good luck on the assignment.
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