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"Saved my skin" today !

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BOOOOOY did I luck out today. My resistance was down.
I headed to Bass Pro Shops to pick up a new tip up and a couple of items for my first trip out on the ice this year. I was surprised at just how little they actually have left in the way of ice gear ! I'd found what I came for and had it in my basket but decided to "mosey on over" to the Marine department where they keep the Vexilars. :) Just to drool for a while. But when I got there they were all gone. They do have a few of the new Lowrance models that are trying to do the same thing but I don't think they're as good. (And they're about the SAME PRICE !) I tell ya, I'm VERY lucky because if they'd had one there I don't know if I could have fought the urge ! I'd have been in TROUBLE ! It's just as well, I didn't feel like sleeping on the couch for an indefinite period anyway. And I'd already had the "justification" all worked out too. :D
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Wonder when Meijers will have their 1/2 off sale this year. I need a tip up, a few extra rods and maybe a Vex??? ;)
Yeah Steve, I like Meijers 1/2 off sale too for ice gear. But I'd be willing to bet that just like last year, Vex's and U/W Cams won't be included. :(
Cabelas has plenty, they also have Marcum's. Was really tempted tonight almost baught a Marcum LX3.
LMAO!!!!!!! Just tell her how much better you would be eating :D ........Patch
Hey, that's a GOOD one Patch. Hadn't even thought of that angle ! Just another one to add to the arsenal. :D :D
You guys ar sissys hiding this stuff from your wives. I just get it, bring it home and let her know who pays the bills!

Crap gotta go she is coming down the stairs.:eek:
Cabellas had only 4 Jigging raps left this afternoon that was it.
For a while I didn't think a vex was a big deal...until the Stoney Creek Outing. Buddweiser had one set up, and Walleye Mike gave me the lowdown on how they work. I can see one in my hands by this time next year.

But the gadget that really caught my attention was Mike's underwater cam. I saw Tattoo Mike's last year, but Walleye Mike set one up on the hole I was fishing at Stoney, and oh man was that fun!

I have an addiction to video games, and I'm a diehard fishing junkie.....so I REALLY want one.
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Ypsi, thats why I like both. They work hand in hand IMO.
I currently use a Garmen fishfinder on hte ice...it does have a flasher feature that helps...HOWEVER...I told the wife just the other day, that for next year, I am adding a few "THINGS" to my Ice fishing aresenal...her response?...Ok...you work long hours..you should be able to have what you want...DANG I love this woman :)

Next years plan...Vex...new FishTrapPro, Powered Auger and maybe aa underwater Cam....

Dang...after all that, I will need a ORV to pull it out onto the Ice...
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I am lucky my wife went to gander mt. and picked up my fl18 for me. She said some guy was looking at the last two they had. She grabbed one and then called me to make sure it was the right one. She didn't want to take the chance of him buying both.Gotta love her for that!
Remember never argue with your wife.
The sportsman quote......by me....

"its better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission"

(this really doesnt work but thought it may make you laugh)

Later guys.....and of course girls
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My trap is 10 yrs old, my FL-8 is about 8 yrs old, man I must be due for some new stuff. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ;) :D
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