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Set lines at 5:30 AM into fair size swells from the SW. Trolled SW for 30 minutes to 76 FOW, turned back NE with waves. Took our first fish at 6:15. Went 5 for 11 before 8 AM when thunderstorm drove us off the lake. Guys pulling lines got a few hefty tingles off the rods before we got everything in. I'd say we waited 15 minutes to long to haul butt. Beat the storm in but got mighty wet loading the boat. Best action was in 75 FOW +/- a few feet. Either direction work about as well. 45 to 65 down seemed best.

Dipsy braid on 1 1/2 150 back, #3 J green glow took one king, and one other rip.

Dipsy braid on 1 1/2 165 back, Ivory glow spoon with red dots, one king.

Full core ProKing mag double orange crush, one king, one laker.

DR 45 down, white/gold fish catcher back 40' with one oz lead lost two fish at boat.

DR 35 down lost one fish and #4 Pearl/Clown J when overzealous rod man set the hook very hard and snapped the line.

DR down 65 green/white spin Doc/green fly, 3 hits, two were on only about 30seconds, lost the other just out on net reach.

Waves were probably 3-4s made it tough at the back of the boat fighting fish. Great time even though we got out butts wet. Lots of action packed into a couple of hours.
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