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saturday, sunday reports

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missed the boat saturday morning (slept in, whoops!) so i did not make it out...my buddy and his brother got their limits somewhere near the detroit river, crawlers with fire tigers and gren beads...managed to wake up sunday morning, got to the spot about 7:00 A.M., picked up 9 by 10:30 and finished them off by 11:30...most on metallic yellow blades with green beads, worm and white mister twister, not many silver bass (thank god!) all 'eyes were between 18" and 20", threw back one 14 incher...attempted to "troll" for perch near gpyc with little luck (2 9 inchers) home and cleaning fish by 1 P.M....beautiful day, sunny and the lake was flat as glass...sorry no picture, camera battery was dead...will post more often with info---thekid:gaga:
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i thought i seen 1000 boats kind of near us...nobody seemed to far away?!?---thekid:gaga:
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