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Just another great morning on the river. Took a veteran walleye guy out for his first vertical jigging experience. Started off by Wyandotte around 7:00, had our 8 in the box by 8:00 with several missed/lost fish, only took one drift.

After that went and chased a tip about bigger fish upriver, which didn't pan out, but caught a bunch of fish up there too. Around 11:00 finally decided to put our last two in the box and call it a day.

Early on, bright jigs were hot (chartruse & orange), then there was a definite switch to darker, natural colors (black & brown). I fished plastics a lot (gulp, worms, walleye assassins) but they weren't going on those and I got tired of being showed up by the rookie so switched myself and took part in the hammer time. Black and brown fished clean with a minnow seemed to be the ticket.

Also ran into a few bonus schools of smallies. Landed a few in the 3lb range and lost one nice one at the boat that was in the 4 or 5lb range.

Gotta say it sure felt strange to not have on gloves, stocking cap, insulated underwear, heavy boots, but in a good way!

Seemed like most everyone was catching fish everywhere we saw.

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