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Sanilac Report 5/30

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Had the day off yesterday so my buddy and I went out of PS for a afternoon of fishing. Due to prior engagements, we had to fish the afternoon, but it was beautiful day and almost glass on the water. Only having a small boat, and slight chances for thunderstorms I was reluctant to hit the deep waters, so we only fished the 35-50 ft depths. Marked lots of bait in 40 fow south of the pierheads out by the sailboat bouys limige told me about. Thanks for the help by the way. Had all 6 rods set by 2pm. Got the first fish action about 20 minutes later, rigger rod 20 ft down, bounced 4 or 5 times before popping, but no fish. I was running sliders so I think it hit the slider and got off. Ran the second rigger on the bottom. Second rigger popped ten minutes later and boated a 8-9lb greaser, just to get the stink out of the boat. :D Fishing went quiet for the next two hours and ended up losing one other fish off the riggers, and ended the night with a 4lb coho. All in all it was a nice day on the water, but didn't see another boat all day. Water temps were about 56 degrees, got all the action on one rigger, monkey puke took the greaser, and got the coho on cottonmouth off a slider. Sorry I didn't take any pics, I was too tired by the time I got home. Oh I forgot to mention, that stupid coho couldn't pop the rigger release, I must've had it set to far back in the pad, so in my attempt to get it to release, I snapped my rod. But we still managed to get the fish in the boat.
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glad you had some luck I'll be up sat to try again
sounds like a slow day. lakers will always keep you busy if you get bored, they love dark purple mags on the bottom...

glad to see you took some silver, i'm sure the slider hit was one as well. if you put the line all the way in the release make sure you load the rod up real well. coho usually hit fairly hard on the strike i'm guessing it would've released...did you check for grooves on your pads?

glad to see i could help some. off to PA this weekend to see what i can manage there.

Last monday we went out of PS and caught all of our fish in 71 FOW. 2 7's, 2 3's color cores, 2 dips, and 2 riggers. Hottest rod was rigger it took 5 lakers. Dipsy had a king on but lost it. All leads but one had pinks and hoes going for a ride for who knows how long. It was hot, calm, and lots of bugs.
what was your total catch for the day??
As soon as I got the laker we pulled the riggers up and targeted silvers, we marked lots of fish on the bottom though. I looked for some cowbells, but I couldn't find any, oh well. I'll have to try purple next time. I checked the pad, and it looked fine, don't know why it popped so hard, I've never had trouble with them in the past, heck, I even get walleye to pop my riggers, albeit on different clips, but I didn't think a walleye could pop anything. :)
Purple isn't the only hot color for the lakers. Lake Trout love green. Best spoon for me has been green dolphin for all fish. Monkey Puke glow ladder back is a good greaser color too..... but has its days.
to bad about the rod.While fishing alone two rods broke for me while giving one last pull to the net. Both were kings so you kmow that was a time ago. But save your broken pieces, I saved mine, and now, thru a chain of unfortunate events, I now have a 3 piece, 9 foot salmon rod and a pretty nice ice rod to boot.
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