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SANG 3/3, 3pm-dusk

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Headed straight out of the launch and to the left a little, maybe a half mile out or less, there were a half a dozen guys out there...they were all catching fish!!!

the visibility has deteriorated since tuesday 3/1 when it was clear...now you can only see about 2ft...2 guys out there had about 50 on the ice when i got there at 3pm...they had the bobbers going with minnows

went past them maybe 50 yards....it was slow going until all hell broke loose at about 4:30...

from 5pm till just before dark, i couldnt put "the rig" down fast enough....they were snappin so fast i couldnt get a smoke or brew in! probably caught 70 or so, and kept 34

this was the craziest action ive ever seen fishing anywhere

the ice is still fine...down to about 10" with no honeycomb

talked to a guy on the way in who fished by the barracks...he slayed em as well

if you can get out tomorrow its an easy lmit

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slammer....i was the guy in the blue shanty with the silver patch on the corner, with the blue sled next to it...i was just outside of the other shanties...not really north of the launch, but pretty much straight out and to the left a bit

i did notice through my window everyone moving around

when the waters that murky, you have to let them come to you...i set up and stayed put..and they came!

SLOWPOKE...ill be out there about 3pm today..by the way, i caught em all on wigglers on a red hook with a glow in the dark bead (the rig)...went through 6 dozen!

you got it

i was about 30 feet away from that spot

dont have a radio....ill be in the shanty with the silver patch on the corner

stop by and ill give you a couple of the "rigs" i use

i was out there....woulda said hello, but i have no idea what you look like!!!

anyway, i did the same as you...they were biting extremely light...missed quite a few
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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