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SANG 1/29 3:30 till dark

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Went to 6' of water and managed 24 (Smallest was 7.5" -- biggest was 12") -- Had a real hog come in but wouldnt' bite (guessing about 15"!).

I'm heading back out today around 12:00!

Any advice on how to scare those mudpuppys away -- I haven't fish much around them -- but had one park right on the bottom -- the perch seem to be afraid of them -- I know they are protected, I didn't want to hurt it -- I just wanted it to go away!
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u can use your depth weight and just try to bump him with it or like me, i caught him then he went away..lol it dont take much to get them to swim away, just a little nudgin.... how far out were ya?? fow?? thanks
Hi fasteight

I was about 250 yards out -- in about 6' of water -- using spikes on a small purple teardrop
lol.. i have a couple of those small purple teardrops, ya know, i think they are the only ones i havent used yet.. what an idiot i am...lol will be back out saturday morning or sunday morning..
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