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Sang 1/29/04

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Fished to the right, towards the barracks, basically right in front of the cove. Caught 4 fish in the first hole I chopped, all in the first minute. Didn't catch another fish for about 45 minutes. Moved several times, in and out. Ended up catching about a dozen fish, 3 were a weak 8". Talked to 2 guys in the parking lot who fished to the left, in a shanty, and they saw a lot of micro perch.
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Koby, you still catching fish out there?? I'm looking foward to spending some meaningful time on the ice Saturday....
Thanks Koby.
I'll let you know how it goes....
Went out at sunrise Saturday, couldn't buy a bite, two fish in 2.5 hours. I started moving around fishing off a bucket and drilled about 6 holes withing 300 yard of where we started.... no luck. Tried to stay a good distance away from anyone and we were out there quite a ways from shore. Question regarding your tree line, are you talking about the trees close to the shore or off in the distance?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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