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Sang 1/29/04

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Fished to the right, towards the barracks, basically right in front of the cove. Caught 4 fish in the first hole I chopped, all in the first minute. Didn't catch another fish for about 45 minutes. Moved several times, in and out. Ended up catching about a dozen fish, 3 were a weak 8". Talked to 2 guys in the parking lot who fished to the left, in a shanty, and they saw a lot of micro perch.
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i was fishing in the same area

you gotta go past the cove just a bit

theres a spring over there that draws them!

as you walk down the shore to the right of the SANG access, just before you get to the barracks, theres a small cove (more like a pocket) in the shoreline
yep burnsie

yesterday i kept 40 out of 50, but it was tougher...cold has them not moving much and i actuall had to make one move of the shanty

on 1/26 i kept 44 out of 70

on 1/12 i kept 48 out of 70+

all in the same spot

if youre out there sat....GET AS FAR AWAY FROM THE CROWD AS POSSIBLE

go get em!
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that was me in the bigger shanty on the other side of the guy in the Trap (i talked to him on the way in...he was there since noon and had 25 or so)

im sending you a PM regarding fishing that area right now
bob T

red anodized hook #8 or 10, glow in the dark bead above it, 2 small splits 2" above hook, tipped with wiggler

ive found that no matter how inactive they are, they will eat wigglers like theyre programmed to do so

when they come in, if they dont hit, ill lay it on the bottom and they almost always suck that wiggler up!

try it instead of the spear
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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