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Sang 1-11-04

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Went to SANG Sun am and found about 3.5~4" of ice on avg. Ice conditions allowed most to get out in approx 5~6' water, but the water was very stained, and visibility only about 2' down. Managed about 10 dinks (all went back). Moved around a few times but never could find clear water. Sounds like the water is clearer to the north up by Fairhaven?? May try there this wked?

Got to the SANG launch about 7am and the fire/ambulance rescue came screaming in. Asked the parking attendant if someone had fallen through. Parking attendant said, no just someone walking out, fell and broke their leg on the ice? Hope it wasnt one of the members here.....well wouldnt wish it on anyone for that matter, bummer way to start the season.
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I had the same luck you did. I couldn't see more than a foot or so down in the hole. I miss watching perch TV! Hopefully, next weekend will be good visibility. I caught 10, kept 1 11 3/4" The rest were 5 to 8.5 inches and went back to grow.

Condolences, ZZ:
Ya, perch TV is fun. I have a pop up and when inside can usually see every detail. I use the advantage to week out dinks. Just pull the bait away from em, but with the water clearity this wked that was tough. Based on what I see here, it appears there may be clearer water up by Fairhaven, may venture up there?

Good Luck.
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