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Salt River and Bay friday 1-23

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Got out via private property in the afternoon just after it got cloudy...nothing on the Salt River except silver bass. Went out to the bay to the edge of the large group and just inside of what looked like gas bubble soft ice or something else that openened up recently. In 5 ft of water with weeds on bottom I got into about a dozen fish over 8 inches, with an occasional 10" coming thru. They hit on minnows as well as waxworms on a small jig. Talked to a guy in another shanty and he said they did great there all day till the sun went away and it got cloudy. Maybe the big pike that came thru my hole had something to do with it too. About 5 oclock the big ones started coming into the hole...but guess what they were stopping to eat???? They ate my dead minnows off the bottom!!!!! Naturally....I had no hooks in them. I was cold by then and left...the heater could'nt even keep the holes from freezing inside the shanty. Lots of souped up 4 wheelers and snowmobiles racing around the area and next to the shantys around there....I get the impression they are trying to chase us away being that they were getting right next to the shanty and cracking open the throttles as compared to Fair Haven where the hot rodders drag race on the course then drive back to the start line in a polite manner. Ice was 6 inches thick and there is a slight pressure crack forming ...I was outside of it. I'll go out again monday...don't wanna mess with the crowds on the weekend.....Glenn
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