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saginaw river

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Well,it's been two weeks sinse I have caught a walleye that was over 14 3/4" but I finally got one last night fishing by Ojibway. It was just under 20 ",caught it on a chartruse/white rap/whole minnow/stinger just before dark.Had several good hits earlier on blue/silver rap and gold/chartruse cicada,also landed one that was just touching the line at 15"(released). The one I took home I promptly ate,mmmm delicious,need some more!!!
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Good for you BIG. I caught a nice eater last night as well, measures around 17" long with a couple of perch, including one that stretched the tape around 10" No pics though. Maybe next time, i know how much everyone here likes to look at pictures ;)

I might take a break from the river fishing for awhile, gettin kinda burned out. What was the winning weight?

Will see some of you on Sunday :)
The winning weight was #12.885 and 32 inches long. I believe Tom Witkowski was the winner.
I couldnt agree more!!!!:)
Originally posted by flyrod4steelhead
I might take a break from the river fishing for awhile, gettin kinda burned out.
Burned out...add me to the list. I haven't caught a Walleye over 13" from the river yet this year. :(

Saturday morning I caught 2 dink walleye, had a few bumps and hooked two perch. Tried a new spot south of the bridge.

This is a strange year?

2/07/03 pm north of the Z bridge we iced 6, all under size. I lost what felt like a decent fish 7 feet from the hole in 22fow. Buckshot spoons seemed to do best.

2/08/03am Ojibway 11fow we iced a total of 9 fish, all under size. Jigging Raps seemed to do the best.

Under size fish seemed to be the story from the other fisherman on the ice. Good to see 12+ won The Shiver but I'd be happy with a fish a quarter of that. Glad to hear BIG caught a keeper, seems a bit to rare these days.:confused:
While we were at the Hunting Timie Expo, I talked with a CO. He said that these small Walleye are from NATURAL reproduction, NOT planted. Either way, in a year or two, these are going to be some nice walleye. As the ice season goes on, it should only get better, hopefully!!
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