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Saginaw River Saturday?

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What's going on with the Saginaw and/or the Tittabawassee?

Looking to head over Sat. morning early and do some fishing. Will the rivers be fishable by then?
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Buddy of mine fished dow on the titt. yesterday....4hrs..no fish. Told me alot of junk still flowing down the river..tough fishing
this morning they said the saginaw was flowing at 7mph.
The Saginaw is way high, and off color. The Channel marking cans are barely visable with HUGE eddys behind them. Lots of debris coming down also :( . Would consider another spot to fish. Bob WC#253.
Glamz - Yesterday afternoon, a smaller boat capsized - both occupants were rescued thankfully! Bob.
My opinion says to not waste your time just yet. If we don't get any more precip to speak of, another four or five days and she might be calm / clear enough to mess with. Even though a few fish probably have held in the river, most have been pushed back out with this deluge. Will take a bit to get them back up in the river good. Just think how they're staged up though just outside the mouth in the Bay ! That would be the place to target now. Look for the transition from the river water to the Bay water. Only got one day left for the river anyway.
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What do you mean 4 or 5 days? The river closes tomorrow until the last Saturday in April.
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