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Saginaw River Report w/ Pic

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Met my brother this morning and hit the mouth of the Saginaw River out in Bay City. Plenty of ice out their. 10" of good solid ice. Our goal were Eyes of course, but we ended up with some of these

These Perch are not huge, but they sure will taste good. I caught a total of 8 and my brother has something like 6 or 7 about the same size as these. No the other ones are not in their, they are some where in my shanty :rolleyes: The walleye that we caught were as big as the perch. As far as we could tell, nobpdy was doing anything.

We also fished around Liberty Harbor / Hooters area. We caught a couple walleye that were just shy of the 15" mark and plenty of others that will be keepers in a year or two. The bigger Perch in the pic was the last one for the day. We were using #3-#5-#7 jiggin raps tipped with minnow heads. Changed colors quite a bit, so I can't honestly say what the hot color was. Ice in this are was around 8"

The bite was slow all day, but beat's sitting at home or at work.

(sorry for such a small pic)
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At least you took something home Dale!!! All I seem to take home anymore is a Buzz!!!!;) I cant catch a legal fish, but I can catch a bunch of these 10 inchers!:(
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