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Saginaw River Outing Conclusion

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Sure was fun, too bad the fish were not on the bite like I was hopeing. I'm sure a great time was had by all. To al who came out, it was great seeing you all again, and it was great meeting new people from the site. I will post more tomorow, feeling pretty good :)
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Had a great time on the river. Nice meeting everyone. Awesome wings Shoeman! I'm getting ready to fry some more up for dinner tonight.:D Thanks for the Brats slowpoke.

Had a great time even though I did'nt wet a line except for using Shoemans set up a couple of times. Great to see some familiar and new faces. This is my second outing and both of them have been in my own back yard. I think it's time to travel to another town for a different outing. Thanks Shoe for the hair of the dog it helped me get through the day.
Hey Backlash,
If you have access to a digital, I sure would enjoy taking another look at those flashback stone flies. Those were awesome.

Try to bring your Coachmen over to Newaygo some time this summer.

Sure was nice to finally be able to shake the hand of our local artist. DZ, you're the man!!!
I had a good time as always. I will cook anytime for you guys but hope I didn't force-feed you to much. Paul; those Italian sausage was the best I have ever had. Need some more. Someone at the outting said they could make some like that and he would give me the recipe but I can't remember names well so if you see this shoot me a PM with it. THANKS. THERE'S NO FISH IN THAT RIVER. DZ; You think you will ever give that free fish mount away? Maybe we should have a drawing for it at the next outting that you can go to since we can't catch no big fish. Just an Idea.
DZ, come to the Joe out next week and I'm sure you'll see a few big ones. If you need a place to stay, PM me....I can hook you up!

Sorry Shoe no camera. Maybe Riverboy, Flyrod, or Bigshooter can take some pics. If not we will have to get together before the STEEL are in full swing. Never been in a drift boat before:D
Sorry I missed you guys, I was downriver a few hundred yards, planned on comming over when it got dark but you guys split pretty fast. Food sure did smell good. My first time on the river in a while, caught five dinks. I have never caught walley so small. Next time I'll come down sooner. Glad you all had fun.
Hey slowpoke-
How is that Voyager as for weight? Can one person lift iy by themselves? My rover is a tad bit to small for me and all my gear. Plus I would like to fish with two rods when jiggin for 'Eyes, but their is not much room once I punch two holes.

De Plane De Plane. Man that was crazy. Those two guys on the snow machines were probally s****** bricks when that plane went over them, lol.
Ok I never responded to this.....

Had a great time, much thanks to the Poke and joes cat, shoeman, and esox for the food, big shooter and all for the refreshments. Great fishing (or BSing) with all of ya. One of these days we'll have fish in the river.

Dale,scotty,slammer,sparty, lookin forward to fishing with you guys again soon.

ScottyBoy I have to say I love that new signature of yours!
Great time, I laughed my a$$ off for sure. Until next one . . .
Flyrod; I like it very much. There is a lot of room for two and I can load it into my truck by myself. I have to take a lot of the stuff out first. I lift one end onto the tail gate then go around to the other end and lift it up and push. I like the 6' height that it has also. I put my holes 6' apart for Walleyes, if I'm fishing by myself in the trap. I took it to LSC with my brothe-in-law and fish 4 holes for perch. I have a fish Trap 2 that was nice untill I got all the new toys and had to get a larger Trap.
Cool, thanks. My son has been wanting to go ice fishing with me, but my shappell 3000 is a pain in the but. Nothing to really keep things from falling off. And there isn't much room in the rover for the both us. Yeah I looked at those Voyager's while I was gander moutain with my dad and the warden. Those things are huge on the inside. You could have a small party in that thing.

Thanks again.
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