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Saginaw River Outing Conclusion

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Sure was fun, too bad the fish were not on the bite like I was hopeing. I'm sure a great time was had by all. To al who came out, it was great seeing you all again, and it was great meeting new people from the site. I will post more tomorow, feeling pretty good :)
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Well what can I say? Always a good time!!! Lots of laughs and too many beers! Great to see some old faces and always great to see some new ones! Ditto on the food, great job on those burgers Slowpoke!! Ralf who needs hooters!!! Awesome!!! The weather was a little brisk but thank god for the sun to keep us warm and burn my face!!! Hopfully next time there will be some bigger fish in the river!!

I have some pictures to post and I will be sure to post when I get home from work today!
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That reminds me I have a small foam minnow bucket that was left behind. Looking for the rightful owner. Somebody mentioned it may be Hoffies? Let me know so it can be returned!
a BS session!

Steelyhead catching cans again!!!

Slowpoke, WalleyeMike, and DZ giving tips to Art on Can fishing!

Flyrod4steelhead fishing

Ladykiller, Esox, and Shoeman Keeping a eye on the Chicken wings!

Slammer enjoying the fun!

Besides the snowmobiles I guess now you have to watch out for airplanes.:eek:

A good advertisement for the Clam Corp. Myself in the scout, Scottyhover in the pro, and Slowpoke in the voyager.
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