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Saginaw River Outing Conclusion

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Sure was fun, too bad the fish were not on the bite like I was hopeing. I'm sure a great time was had by all. To al who came out, it was great seeing you all again, and it was great meeting new people from the site. I will post more tomorow, feeling pretty good :)
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Ditto again on all the food. I didn't try the brats, but everything else was awesome. I had a great time as usual. Maybe next time the fish will be their, and cooperate(sp).

Depending on the ice, maybe we can do this again. Call them Meet-N-Greet's intead pf outing's like kingfisher said.

Cool Pics Art.
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Hey slowpoke-
How is that Voyager as for weight? Can one person lift iy by themselves? My rover is a tad bit to small for me and all my gear. Plus I would like to fish with two rods when jiggin for 'Eyes, but their is not much room once I punch two holes.

De Plane De Plane. Man that was crazy. Those two guys on the snow machines were probally s****** bricks when that plane went over them, lol.
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Cool, thanks. My son has been wanting to go ice fishing with me, but my shappell 3000 is a pain in the but. Nothing to really keep things from falling off. And there isn't much room in the rover for the both us. Yeah I looked at those Voyager's while I was gander moutain with my dad and the warden. Those things are huge on the inside. You could have a small party in that thing.

Thanks again.
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