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Saginaw River Outing Conclusion

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Sure was fun, too bad the fish were not on the bite like I was hopeing. I'm sure a great time was had by all. To al who came out, it was great seeing you all again, and it was great meeting new people from the site. I will post more tomorow, feeling pretty good :)
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This is my first post as well as my first outing. I was glad to see such an association of good people who enjoy the sport as well if not more than I do. You guys seem to be such a great crowd! If you don't recall who I was, I was with Steely-Head fishing the Cicada's, I also caught the biggest DOW log of the day. Can't wait to get moving on posting more threads. Thanx guys I had a blast.:)
Hey walleye 123 welcome aboard you"ll like it here !!!
Great time as usual!!! Between everyone out there, I dont think anyone caught a keeper, but fishing is not always what the outings are about. Good food, good jokes, and good BS. Here are a few shots, too bad I didnt realize I had my camera on the lowest resolution setting until I got home. Great seeing everyone again and I look forward to the next outing.

Nice seeing and talking to you all this morning, sorry I didn't stick around longer. We left there at about 11 am and headed towards the mouth of the river looking for fish. We stopped every where from the mouth to vets park just north a couple miles from where you guys were and we didn't see but 1 legal walleye on the ice. The walleye we seen was at vets park. We ended up fishing there from about 2:30 until dark and I caught 1 17" and that was it, we didn't even catch a little one. I turned on my radio and talked to someone tonight as we drove by there and they said no legal ones there, what a bummer.
I think that with the warmer weather coming maybe things will pick up. I will probaly be back over there in about 2 weeks as long as the ice is good so maybe there will be some bigger fish around and some of us can get together again then.

Nice talking to you all again,

Sorry I couldn't make it today guys, I was really looking forward to it too. Looks like a great day, even if the fish didn't cooperate......Patch
Had a GREAT time too!

I didn't get a chance to meet everyone who attended, but did meet quite a few members. Great group of people!!!

Here’s my report:

Saw about a dozen “walleye dinks”, a sheepshead and a small perch cruise by my Aqua-Vu this morning in about 25’ of water. After about 10 a.m. - seen nothing at all. Moved a bit shallower (23’) by noon and seen some nice sized perch glued to the bottom. Tried everything, but I still couldn’t get them to budge. At 3:30 p.m. I was amazed to see that airplane buzz the ice and fly into the path of two snowmobilers while at the same time flying under the power lines! He even came back for a second pass!

Around 4 p.m. I got a call from my wife saying that her Grandfather was rushed to Troy Beaumont with heart problems, so I had to miss the evening’s fishing.

Hope you guys did better than I did! :D
Did stop by melborne road for a minute and talked to WALLEYEvision and he said it was slow.Hope everything is ok with grandfather.Saw a lot of you guys out there and looked like the B.S. was doing better than the fishing.LOL Wished I could of made it.
Sounds like DZ wil save some time on the biggest walleye mount.:D Sorry to miss the after noon crowd.At least it was a nice morning to b.s. with a good group of people.

My g/f and I made it out there just in time to start fishing for the evening bite. And as usual she catches more walleye than I do. It was only 8" long but one more than I landed. Got to talk to slowpoke briefly and that was pretty cool. Next time I hope to make it out a little sooner at the next outing I attend.
We all had a good time as usual whenever or wherever we have an outing. Thanks to slowpoke for bringing and cooking the venison burger's yum yum ! Also thanks to joe for the brats, and thanks to Ralph for bringing his deep frier and cooking some great wings and to Paul for the hot italian sausage. To bad the fishin was'nt as good as the eats. Nice seeing everyone and good fishin!
Well what can I say? Always a good time!!! Lots of laughs and too many beers! Great to see some old faces and always great to see some new ones! Ditto on the food, great job on those burgers Slowpoke!! Ralf who needs hooters!!! Awesome!!! The weather was a little brisk but thank god for the sun to keep us warm and burn my face!!! Hopfully next time there will be some bigger fish in the river!!

I have some pictures to post and I will be sure to post when I get home from work today!
GOT MY LIMIT----- of fun, laughing and a bunch of good guys. Saw about 12 walleyes on the camera but caught none. Nice meeting some of you guys for the first time and a few I've meet before.

At least now I know where to park and how to get there---if the fish ever arrive.

Too bad only dinks were home today and not thier momma's.
Ditto again on all the food. I didn't try the brats, but everything else was awesome. I had a great time as usual. Maybe next time the fish will be their, and cooperate(sp).

Depending on the ice, maybe we can do this again. Call them Meet-N-Greet's intead pf outing's like kingfisher said.

Cool Pics Art.
Spending time with you guys is always like coming home. :cool:

No lack of BS, laughter, food and just plain fun. (lack of fish though :eek: ) No news there...lol

Just before dark I had quite a few decent fish come on the graph, but they sure weren't feeding. I hope some of you guys will come over to the west side for some tout/steelie action.

Sorry I missed the early crowd, but I needed my beauty sleep.

The fishing should get better in the next week or 2, but I'll have to miss it. Forecasts of 40 degrees will have me thinking STEEL.

Thanks again for everything. You guys are a blast.

Oh, almost forgot. We had a special appearance from Tim (LK) and Rick (Weezer). Sure is good to see you guys. Thanks for that emerger pattern. Can't wait to play with that one ;)
What a blast. It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new die hards. I had a pretty decent day on the fish, catching 12 dinks and loosing a couple decent size fish. It seems the key was BLUE with a lot of action.

This was the first outing that I limited my alcohol consumption......and boy did I learn alot...lol

A special thanks to Hoffie for the bait and Riverboy for bringing additonal minnows. I also want to thank everyone that brought food and spent time preparing it......great tasting stuff!

I'm looking forward to next weekends JOE OUTING>>>>>>bring on the steel!

That reminds me I have a small foam minnow bucket that was left behind. Looking for the rightful owner. Somebody mentioned it may be Hoffies? Let me know so it can be returned!

That was mine.You can either keep it or pitch it.Seems like I buy at least 5-6 of them a year.
Here's a couple of more pic's:

a BS session!

Steelyhead catching cans again!!!

Slowpoke, WalleyeMike, and DZ giving tips to Art on Can fishing!

Flyrod4steelhead fishing

Ladykiller, Esox, and Shoeman Keeping a eye on the Chicken wings!

Slammer enjoying the fun!

Besides the snowmobiles I guess now you have to watch out for airplanes.:eek:

A good advertisement for the Clam Corp. Myself in the scout, Scottyhover in the pro, and Slowpoke in the voyager.
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