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Saginaw River Mouth

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Anyone been out this way lately? Me and my bro were thinking about trying out that way. Anyone? How is the ice out that way? Plan on doing an all day fishing trip tomorow, hitting different locations.

Thanks for any info.
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Heard talk that out by the range light was OK depending on the day. With these east winds I would try further out and to the west if you have wheels otherwise it is a LONG walk! The area off the kalk. river usually is pretty good. Fished the Z- north along Melbourne Sunday. All dinks except for the few that we missed that felt decent. Talked to a guy next to us, he was there same exact spot, same holes on Sat. and took home 4 eaters. Most others had fish as well. Talked to another guy later in the day and he confirmed what the first guy said. Sat. was the day. I think that this front coming thru has turned them off a bit. Did not talk to many coming off the ice but I feel we were not alone on Sunday. Lots of shantys went up at 3:00 Looks like this week-end should be a bit more stable once this stuff passes by. Stay dry Good luck. DC
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