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Fished the river today with my dad and brother. Went out to Bay City, and stayed their all day. First spot was the mouth. Notta thing going on their. Seen one small perch caught and that was it. Left around 8am, and went to another spot that me and brother are begining to really like. We have yet to be skunked in this spot. We stayed the rest of the day fishing in this spot. The fish were hitting up until noon, then it slowed. Se me and my dad made a bunch of holes, and we all started hole hopin. It didn't take long before I had the first legal fish (no pics). It took awhile, but my brother ended up with 2 keepers, and my dad caught two perch. One to me and one to my brother.

All in all, a great day.
Me; 1 Eye, maybe 6 perch, smallest 8"
Brother; 2 Eye's, 2 or 4 perch
Dad; 2 perch, given to me and my bro

All fish were caught on jiggin raps tipped with minnow heads. No paticular color or size, as we were changing all the time.

Oh and what is the number for Poaching? Seen a guy tonight, take 5 walleye, and I bet you not, one of them were legal. He told my brother that he has been fishing this same spot for years, and can tell that they are legal by just looking at them :confused: :mad: :mad: I guess he is above the law, and law don't pertain to him, the stupid son of a *****....................
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