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Saginaw River 1-21-04

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Anyone gonne be out their either morning of evening? I will be out their in the evening for certain, but not sure about the morning. I will probally be fishing down by the Bean Tower (pink rabbit) or Hooters. Anyone know what the ice thickness is around hooter and the bean tower?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? :)
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How ya doin Flyrod, I've read a lot of your posts. I've been fishing hooter's for the last week or so and there is six inches of pretty decent ice where I've been sitting. I'll be out tomorrow evening. I would like to try the bean tower but don't know where to park or where to set up once I'm on the river. It sounds like people have been getting more fish there. If anyone has any info on that it would be greatly appreciated, PM if you're willing to trade a secret or two.
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Ruff Rider, I am gonna send a PM in a minute with my cell number. Give me a call on it tomorow sometime. I turn it on as soon as I get up, which is usally around 8am.

There is about 5/6 inches of ice at the bean tower and hooters. Most important though there is good shore ice at both access spots. I wont be back out until thursday after work. I have my daughter tonight and we have school activites or we would be going!

Good Luck
Maybe see ya thursday
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Yeah, probally be out fishing tomorow as well. Hopefully with it being so cold out during the night, it has made another inch or so.

I need all the Luck I can get :)
I'll be heading out to hooter's this evening...I'll have my two way radio on Channel 7, privacy code 0, if anyone is going to be out there. Hope my shanty doesn't blow away!!!
Adam, you guy catch anything over by Hooters? How's the ice in that area? I went over to the Bean Tower, almost straight out in front of the path. Went 5-7. The two fish that I lost were huge. Came off just below the hole. The other's were small, with the the biggest being a little over 14" All fish came on that one secret lure ;) in Silver with Blue and Bronze with Orange. From what I could make of other peoples talking, it sounded like everyone else was doing pretty good. I was going to measure the ice, but forgot all about it. I'm guessing around 7" or more. The current was still strong tonight. Fish'd from 3pm to 6pm.

Hope to be back out their tomorow evening.
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Got set up at hooter's at 4. Left at 6:30 after catching 3 walleye, 7", 14 9/10", and 15 1/2". Kept the one for dinner....or a snack I guess :) My buddy didn't catch any, but had several bites. I missed a couple bites as well. The ice was about 6" thick. I have class in the morning so I won't be out until tomorrow afternoon. Good to hear you caught a couple at least Dale.
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