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Hello Fishermen/women,

Fishing was great this past weekend, with lots of large bass (18+ inches) in on the fun!

Underwater humps with deep water nearby provided the most consistent action. With the wind blowing between 10-15 mph, the bass were buried under the thickest vegetation, generally milfoil, nose facing the wind. We worked out quite a few nice fish with Texas-rigged creature baits, tubes, and jig and pigs.

Natural colors worked best.

Not all sunken islands and humps were created equal, however. Weed variety was key. Cabbage islands only held a few smaller fish, while the islands with celery, cabbage, milfoil, and coontail produced the best.

With the hot weather and bright skies, the bass are deep and in the thick stuff.

Deep-diving cranks weren't really an option, as the "lake chop" was running down the line and fouling the presentation. Still, there is a nice crop of coontail that is growing in 20 fow, but is only about 10 feet long, perfect for cranking. Instead, we used swim jigs to pull the bass off of the top of the deep coontail.

We found a few "keeper" bass working the points and flats, but the biggest bruisers were on off-shore structure.

The dusk/night topwater bite was average. Zara spooks (black and silver), buzzbaits (white), and a classic, the jitterbug (frog), stuck a couple of nice largies. We worked shallow, weedy flats for the topwater bite.

We pulled a few accidental pike from beside the deep coontail in 20+ fow. These pike were nice, though (28 inches).

Crappie were suspended inside the pockets of main lake points in 10 to 15 fow. Try using small pumpkin-colored tubes. Not much of a crappie fisherman, I landed a 13.5 incher and was certain I had a giant. Turns out it's not quite a master angler, but still a nice fish!

Embedded are some of the highlights from out weekend.

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