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Ruger American 450 Bushmaster feeding issue and rep

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I bought a new Ruger American 450 Bushmaster recently and when I tried to sight it in the cartridges would not feed from the magazine into the chamber. After examining the magazine I noticed that the back of the Platform ( or follower ) in the magazine ( or clip ) was sticking along the back wall. I disassembled the magazine with a small screwdriver by prying the bottom plate rearward. I sanded about 1 mm (1/32”) from the back edge of the Platform and rounded off and smoothed the edges. I bent the back of the platform up a little and reassembled the magazine. IT WORKS PERFECTLY. Here’s some photos.










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So chambering a multiple times round can affect the accuracy?
Mine mold indent is in the correct location in relation to feed direction.
I think that a little bending the feed plate pushing the end will fix it.
Just watch out for it any of you Rugar owners.

Just a heads up also, for the shells that you chamber in before inserting your clip. I shot the two that were chambered from the pervious season first when sighting in at one session. Those shots were way out probably do to casing wear. On now only chamber the same shell for the first season and will utilize a new one for our second season.
Personally being anal of this type of situation I would never chamber a round twice for hunting unless I figured out the issue. 🤷🏻‍♂️that's just me.
Hum, I shall have to see, presently I am only chambering one shell 9 times a week. I guess the only way to check it would be magnification. Thinking about it I should break out a new shell, my big buck critical shot time of year is coming up!
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