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Hey Man,

Proper disclosure - I rep Echo for the upper Midwest. The best head for that SR is the Skagit Scout from Airflo in a 510gr or something similar (OPST, SA etc). You want a SHORT Skagit head. This will help you tremendously in your casting.

As for the tip...you want the length of your tippet/tip to be within 2-3’ of the length of your rod...you are there. The other general “rule” is that you want the total length of your head/tip/leader to be approx 2.5x length of your rod. A 15’ head, plus a 10’ tip, plus a 2-3’ leader would be perfect.

Get a short Skagit system for the SR. For the Chromer, that Skagit Max should work better because it’s a longer rod.

Finally, disregard tip weight. Skagit casting is also known as “water load,” casting...meaning the sink tip anchors the d-loop. The only weight that matters is the head weight because this is the only weight in the air when you’re loading the rod to cast. Another type of casting is Scandinavian style, or “touch and go,” casting. In this type of casting your sink tip or polyleader weight should be included in your overall system weight. But we can save that discussion for a future day.

Good luck in your endeavors...spey and switch style casting are among my passions in this sport.


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