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Roller nap for ceiling

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I'm painting the living room ceiling. It is the most entertaining thing I can think of doing... ;)

Which roller nap to use? In the past I have used 3/8" in bedrooms, and it looks ok. Will 1/4" give a better appearance? I am prioritizing quality of finish, not speed or paint coverage. I want it to look good when I am sitting there staring at it in a few year.

Thanks for any tips!
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Been painting 20 years

I actually use a 3/4 on ceilings (NOT microfiber).

Less time in the tray and more on the ceiling. Be careful or you'll get "heavy edges" or "rat tails".

Use a high quality ceiling paint (I use Benjamin Moore ceiling paint) or you'll be wearing more paint than the ceiling does.
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Which direction should I roll? Parallel to the long or the short dimension of the room? Room is about 16' x 20'.

In the past I have rolled parallel to the long dimension. Does it make a difference? Priority for me is appearance/quality. Time/effort is secondary.

I prefer to roll with the least amount of overlap. I can cover 8 foot easier than 10 and you need to figure overlap in there also. Your best bet would be to roll 2, 8x20 paths.
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