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ROLL CALL - Laser Beard Removal

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Alright we have a team!

Name: Laser Beard Removal


d_rek (captain)
Ol Tom Killa

Everyone please respond to this thread or the PM I sent you and I will enter our team into the official sign up thread!

Feel free to let everyone know what zone/county you'll be hunting and what dates you have a tag for.

I'm private property in St. Clair County, Hunt 0301, April 20 - May 3rd.

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Well slammer everything work out this am? Down to just hours remaining!
Well team.. Looks like the 2015 Michigan Spring Turkey season is in the books.

Some of us did our worst *cough* me *cough*...

Some of us kicked ass! Congrats to Ol Tom Killa, justdandy, and TGsupermag21

Some of us gave it a fair shake... slammer00

And ONE of us went completely AWOL... where's the love bowslayer53?

Great hunting and what fun experience to share this with you guys! If any of you are ever in my neck of the woods - St. Clair Co., near 32mile + I94 - i'll gladly meet you at one of the holiest hole-in-the-walls at Adair Bar and buy you your choice of swill!
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Good job to everyone that got birds. I made it out sunday and seen birds but it was tough with that wind. I didn't have the time to make it out as much as I like but theres always next year I guess.
So I guess we need three more to make our team next year
101 - 104 of 104 Posts
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