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ROLL CALL - Laser Beard Removal

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Alright we have a team!

Name: Laser Beard Removal


d_rek (captain)
Ol Tom Killa

Everyone please respond to this thread or the PM I sent you and I will enter our team into the official sign up thread!

Feel free to let everyone know what zone/county you'll be hunting and what dates you have a tag for.

I'm private property in St. Clair County, Hunt 0301, April 20 - May 3rd.

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d_rek you pullin my drumstick?
Sorry. Going go lay it out there but I didn't recover this bird. Here's the story.

At about 5:30 I had a bird come sneaking in the timber, across the two track and clearing where my blind is setup, responding to some really light helping I was doing on my box call.

He came in on the back side of my jake and hen dekes and worked his way from about 30 yards down the two track and got right up on the jake dekes ****. He stood and purred really softly for a few minutes against the jakes backside and pecked at the back of his head a few times. He wasn't full strut but had his neck fully extended for this first exchange. Then he decided to face off with the jake and as he circled around and put his back to me I brought the bow to full draw while he also went full strut fully fanned out. I say there at full draw for probably a good minute while he pecked and kicked the jake. Finally he settled down and was just slightly quartering away but mostly broadside when I triggered my release.

I heard a meaty thud and the arrow made a complete pass through and knocked him down briefly but he got up just as fast as he fell down. He attempted to fly off by the arrow was still in him sticking through both sides and had pinned his right wing and he couldn't flap it. So instead he footed it back into the timber.

I felt really good about the shot and placement at the time but doing rewind in my head it's possible I missed vitals and made a meat shot. I thought he would be a goner and an easy recovery for sure but as hunting has taught me yet again taking an animals life is never easy.

Since I thought the shot was good I let him sit for a full 40 minutes before tracking. In that time I had another tom come in and hang up about 35 yards out and what looked like a hen sneak through the woods behind him.

After the other birds cleared out I started tracking almost 45 minutes after I shot him. The only sign I found was a single bloody feather and a twig that had a slight blood smear on it, which was expected as the arrow still in him would have plugged the wound. I looked for him from 6:30 until I let was too dark to see before calling it quits.

I am beyond disappointed and feel like a huge failure as a hunter and a teammate. Sorry to let everyone down.

I may give it one more go Friday or Saturday but I'm feeling pretty dejected right about now. Good luck to everyone else. Sorry again.

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One of only two pieces of sign he left me...


In hindsight I should have pursued him. The arrow in him probably prevented him from bleeding out. =\
Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
Nice bird justdandy. drek that sucks. But keep after them buddy. Only a couple more days left of your season and redeem yourself!

Thanks man. After I hit my nadir last night I decided I had to get out at least one more time before my season's done and try to redeem myself. I'll be out either Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning. Going to hit the same spot and stay optimistic.
Nice bird justdandy. drek that sucks. But keep after them buddy. Only a couple more days left of your season and redeem yourself!
Tear them up man. To bad you weren't closer to me id hook you on some toms by me. Put some damn meat in the freezer and points on the board!
Trying to get on them this morning and to redeem myself...

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Yesterday driving around at work I seen a lot of toms cruising by themselves at 930. If you aren't getting many gobbles I'd try to sit tight and wait for the hens to be breed then caught a tom lookin for more
Sat out until 11:45 had to head gotta sneak a nap in before family stuff this afternoon. No love heard a single gobble around 730 and saw 10 deer...

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Out for one last hurrah... Heard a gobble walking in but it sounded like it came from opposite side of the property.

Beautiful morning in the woods though.

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Farmers must have decided it was a good day to tool around in their tractors. I'm about 1/3 mile from busy two lane highway and the tractors are drowning out the sounds of the woods! At least nobody is discing by me yet...

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Well how goes the hunt?
Giving it one more hour then that's it for my season... Not a bird to be seen or heard though

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Well that's it for me. It's up to the rest of you to make it happen! Good luck!

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No bird for bowslayer53 either. Not looking good for the team
Haha hope your back isn't hurting from carrying the team dandy!

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Tgsupermag good luck tomorrow ol tom informs me if your plans. And to slammer good luck as well when you make it too!
Alright just a little peptalk for everyone who has late-season tags: you guys got this! Let's put a hurting on a few more birds!

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Thanks dandy, had a lot of activity this morning just no longbeards. Had three separate birds gobbling from the roost. if they follow the pattern of their lady friends, tmrw is looking good. Good luck to the rest of yall!
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