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Rogue River Steelies?

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Is anybody fishing the Rogue for steelies yet? I live about an hour or so away and did not wanna waste a trip if there are no fish. If someone would be so kind as to let me know what the conditions are like, Thanks.
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Good Day,

The river fished fairly well this fall when compared to the year prior. Currently, however, ice has/is forming all over the river. I drove up to Rockford earlier today to get some wood and other smoking supplies and drove over several of the bridges crossing the river on my way back. With the current cold temps and possible continued cold as predicted for next week, fishing will be difficult at best. I didn't say impossible, but until we have a substantial warm up the river temps will probably remain at 34 degrees or colder making for very lethargic fish not to mention continued formation of shelf and anchor ice. Make sure to wear your corkers and be patient.

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