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River current and water clarity

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Any info on how the current is at the mouth? Was rippin last time i went, ant anyone know how clarity is in bay? Current was to strong last time, bout week n half ago, so went west, by foot, couldnt see bottom of ice cause current stirred it all up, thanks
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Can't give info on Clarity but there are at least 10 shanties fishing vets bridge this morning in Bay City. Saw three guys spudding their way out but there were already 10 shanties set up.
2 on South side of vets bridge as well
Hopefully one of them is on MS and can give an update during the day

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Seen guys out at the mouth this morning on the Web cam.The river should be getting good again.Just have to be cautious with varying ice thickness throughout the river right now.
I will be there this afternoon .,...will give an honest report.
Im at the mouth now...been slow morning out by the plug, short biting and only got one on the ice. Sitting on 9" of ice here and was good walking all the way out...there's about 10 shanties at the dnr boat ramp

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Also the current is still pushing pretty good, my #7 rap is 2-3 feet downriver
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8 inches between Indy and liberty...fish are biting
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