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Rigging a Fiberglass Boat

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I will be rigging out a fiberglass boat and wanted to hear any tips from you guys. I tend to not like asking for directions but in this case I'll take all the advice I can get and do it right the 1st time. I would like some comment on the following

1. Drilling without cracking the gel coat.
2. Backing material for rod holders and downriggers
3. Drilling through the transom to run transducer/speed lines to graph
4. Electric downrigger hook-up. What electrical connectors do you like. I'm thinking a flush mount outlet for each rigger on the inside wall of the boat. It has a fully molded back so I will have to drill access holes to run the wire to the rigger.

Pictures would be great but any words of warning is what I'm really looking for. After re-rigging my Alum. boat 3 times in 3 years, I've learned a bit about where I want to mount stuff but really want to do this once and be done with it. Thanks in advance.
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1.Drilling? I will go with what Knockoff said cover the gel with masking tape,,the masking tape makes it easy to lay out your hole patern and as long as you use sharp bits you should be fine.
2. I think the backing material was covered very well in the link Knockoff posted.
3.Drilling through the transom,,if you have to drill through the transom keep in mind that most of them still have wood cores so if water gets to them they will rot pretty fast,,so if I have to put a hole through the transom I will treat the inside of the hole with wood sealer and then put a nice silicone seal around what ever goes through it,,and check the silacone once a year to make sure it is still water tight...the same goes for anything you mount to the floor! water tight!
4.As for electric's, what ever you use for connectors try to keep them water tight to keep corrosion at bay,shrink tube can be a big help.
Avoid wire rubs and if the wires pass through any holes in glass or aluminum, a rubber grommet is a nice touch and it will keep the hole from cutting into the wire over time.
It is also a good idea to run the wire for you electronics down the opposite gun away from you motor wiring so you don't get RF NOISE leaking to you fish finder
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Jason I really like the over drill&solid Epoxy idea ,,very nice and the best solution I have heard so far! the only thing I might ad is if it is an older boat make sure you get an epoxy that is compatible with polyester resin,,,but I love the idea and I think I have just been converted.
I also think your cabling as well as the rest of your installation looks pretty clean to me,,especially when compared to some of the dealer installations I have seen!!
Oh-yea fresh cut glass with a slight hint of resin in the air.mmm,mm
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