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Retrofitted Red Label vs New

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A few months ago I posted a thread about retrofitting my Grandpa's old Double S x S with choke tubes. After getting the gun and looking at it, I found it was a very old Ithaca 5E. The value of that gun is out of sight, so I have decided to keep it in orginal condition.

So now I'm back to square one on getting my new small bird shotgun (Grouse, Quail, Chuckar's, Woodcock, etc..)

I'm was just about to give in and shell out the $1200 for a new Red Label 20 Ga (engraved, of course) when I was told of someone who knew someone who had a red label for sale cheap. I called the guy and went to look at the gun. Its about a 15 year old Ruger Red label with fixed skeet x skeet barrels. He said he'd sell it to me for $600. I called Briley and it would cost me approx $200 to have both barrels tapped for tubes. So I can have a used Red Label with tubes for $800 or a new one for $1200.

Any opinions on what I should do? :confused: :confused: :confused:
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A 5E Ithaca?
WOW what a nice gun.
Who cares about the Ruger :)
Yeah, that was my reaction, believe it or not, he bought the gun from an old guy on an old GM assembly line for $50 because the guy needed some bar money after work. The old guy was an alcoholic and kept the gun in his trunk in case he got in a bar fight.

Talk about a high rate of return. The gun is not in mint condition. Besides the wear from rollilng around in a trunk for who knows how long, my Grandpa put some serious "miles" on it chasing quail and cottontails. But it is definitely a 5E. Next time a gun show with estimators are in town, I'm going to have it appraised. I did see an ad in Upland Almanac for a mint 28 Ga 5E that was listed at $8500.
I would buy new for sure. Just my opinion though. I am sure either gun would be just fine.
If you do not want the old red label...probably has all types of problems, you know..old steel, old wood..hmmmm...mabye sticky trigger...heck let me know and I will see if I can suffer with the old critter.
I've got a citori lighting micro 20 ga with combo lock fitted hard case. PM me if interested. I beleive it's in your price range.
Beaglernr, Check your PM's.
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