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Talk about two faced. . . .

Rep. Mike Sak - GR just sent a flyer to all his constituents about his "big buck challenge". (Send him a picture of your buck and get registered for a prize) - he goes on in his mailer to try to "suck up" to the sportsman of his district:::

HOWEVER - Rep. Mike Sak was one of only two West Michigan Representatives to vote Against HB 5029!!!!!!!! The bill to legalize dove hunting in Michigan. Talk about a politician trying to play both sides of the fence! You have to walk the talk. If you vote the antihunting agenda, you better be willing to have the spine to admit you vote the antihunting agenda, not immediately try to do "damage control" by trying to portray yourself as a friend to sportsman.

Hopefully the Sportsman of his district will send him a message during next fall's election.

Feel free to contact Rep Sak regarding his "two faced" tactics and what the sportsman of Michigan think about it at [email protected]
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