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Remote Bird Releasers

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Who has an automatic bird releaser and what kind, been checking them out at LCS and wonder what kind is best, what kind of range do they have, any problems anybody encountered ?
would like to get one with one transmitter that operates say mabee 3 releasers.
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innotek thats the only product they have thats worth a darn is the bird launchers
I have been using the manual version of the ML-10 from Innotek. I also have one RL-10 which is the remote version of the ML-10. I can't justify adding additional units so I am looking into making my own remotes (transmitters and recievers). I have found plans on another forum and will begin experimenting soon. I will let you know what I come up with.

As far as the ML-10 goes, I have had no problems with the two that I picked up used. I have changed the springs to make them quieter. The original springs had some pop in them and I didn't like how violently they released.
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I have two friends with Innotek auto launchers. One gets his direct from Ed Raider and has one in the mail all the time being replaced. My other buddy has both auto launchers and the auto backer he's never had a problem even with his coller other than the beeper isn't very loud. I have manuals with real long trip ropes and I can usually blow the bird out before the dog gets to close you just have to figure wind before you plant and watch dog.
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