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This is a message Boehr posted last year that I feel is a timely reminder for hunters taking their kids out deer hunting:

"Just so we are all of the same knowledge about this subject, it doesn't matter if it's the youth hunt, bow hunting, regular firearm, muzzleloading or any other type of hunting, this is the law.

324.43517 Hunting by minor child. [M.S.A. 13a.43517 ]
Sec. 43517. A parent or legal guardian of a minor child shall not permit or allow the minor child to hunt under the authority of a license issued pursuant to this part on land upon which the parent or guardian is not regularly domiciled without being accompanied by the parent or guardian or another person authorized by the parent or guardian who is 17 years of age or older.

That means, as a parent, you must not allow your child to hunt alone, without you or another adult being right with him/her unless it is private property and you live on that property. Not your cabin's property, not your friend's property. It must be property where you regularly live. If you do, you can be chargered with a misdemeanor. People are charged every year for that too.

My worst/scariest case of that circumstance was one year, prior to being able to hunt from a tree, there was an orange canary in a single tree in the middle of a crop field. Seeing the obvious violation while driving down the road, my partner and I stopped the vehicle and started walking across the field towards the hunter who was about 1/4 mile off the road. As we were walking, completely out in the open, we seen the rifle come up with the hunter looking down the barrel right at us. Natural reaction we both hit the dirt rolling away from each other. My partner wasn't so sure what the hunter had in mind. I was confident in my own mind that the hunter, since he did not immediately shoot at us was using the scope on the rifle to see who we were. We got up off the ground, staying split up, and continued our walk towards the hunter. It was a 14 year old hunter that was doing exactly what I thought, using the scope to see us. The kid had taken hunter safety, he knew he shouldn't be in a tree, but he thought using the scope as long as the safety was on and he kept his finger out of the trigger housing, was OK. We took the loaded rifle from the hunter, unloaded it, took all the ammo and left the kid with an emplty gun and no ammo and went in search of dad. We found dad in another field. He had no idea what his son had did. Pointing the gun in another persons direction or about being up in a tree. The kid, hopefully was educated from the experience and lecturing about obeying laws and safety. Hopefully dad finnished that season hunting with his son and teaching him more. Dad plead guilty to allowing a minor to hunt alone.

Taking a kid hunting can be a great experience for both. Not being with the kid and having the kid make a mistake can destroy the kids wish to continue hunting. If the mistake is big enough, it might destroy dad's wish to continue to hunt in the future too. We all, about many subjects, set back and say, that won't happen to me. Maybe you have taught you kid so well that it won't be your kid that makes the mistake. How about the other person's kid that makes the mistake against you or your kids?

To answer the question, what does "accompanied" mean; that means that you have some control over the minor child to prevent any type of mistake or infraction of law. You do not have to be right next to him/her but you must be able to have voice contact without any type of elctronic means and you must be able to see and observe their actions without any type of visual aids, using your eyes onlys, not binoculars etc."

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That was a great!!! post.
I can add one bit of knowlege for the parents who are hunting with their kids. I got away with my life and will pass this on to everyone I can even though it makes me look like a ass.
My daughter was 12 last year and I had just gone thru hunter safetey for the 3rd time with 3 kids. I had spent hours with her walking with guns and going thru different scenarios. Well the second day of our gun hunting season and we were going to the stand for the afternoon hunt since it was cold we had took a break to warm up. We were just about to our stand where we unload our guns and climb up into a very safe large stand on poles. (here it comes) I was walking infront of her!!! And she tripped on a frozen stick in the 2-track. I was just turning around to look at her when she fell, her gun hit the ground and I had a 44mag. barrel bounce off the frozen ground pointing directly at me and then land on the ground again.!! I was frozen in my tracks I could not believe how stupid I was and I could not believe she did not controll the muzzel. After a stern (way too stern she was crying) butt ripping I dont think she will ever let that gun hit the ground without her controlling it to a safe direction again. I got away with a BIG mistake, the first one I have made with any of my kids. Never walk infront of a inexperianced hunter and maybe dont let them have a bullet chambered while walking also untill you are more confident than I was that your child will know what to do if they fall.
Good luck to all you MI. hunters and please be safe!!!!
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