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Reeds Lake

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Has anybody got a report from Reeds Lake? I have not been out there in some time because it started off so slow this year. I have been fishing other lakes in the area and have been doing alright. Any report would be helpful.
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No idea, I'm in the same boat you're in. It's usually my main lake, but since it was so miserable for so long, I gave up!

Thanks for the update. It has been a tough year but have done fairly well on some surrounding lakes. I can't figure out why there was such poor fishing on Reeds this year. Keep fishin'!
I was on Reeds on Tuesday, fished for about 3 hours in the normal spots where the Crappie were last year, drilled about 20 holes and never found a concentration of fish. I know they are in the lake but with only one person looking it could take a long time. It was a nice day and I was the only person on the lake. 3 hours fishing 1 bite 0 fish. What other lakes are you guys fishing?
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Wow, lots of work for no fish. Seems to be the norm lately. I have been fishing some private lakes in the area. I have also fished Dean Lake just to get out and catch some fish. I have caught plenty out there, but you have to weed through the smaller fish to get any with some size. Good luck!
Im headin out to reeds tonight to see if i can get on some specs...but i dont have a vex so im gonna be fishin blind...ill be sure to give a report.
B & D and JeffBoz...I don't have a vex either, (next years investment) but the guys I've talked to have been marking fish but can't get them to bite. Strange lake this year.

Take care...Sid
Not a very good outing....2 hours 2 bites and 1 tiny perch...i went out there this morning to see what was goin on and there were a couple people sayin they were gettin flags but everyone that was jiggin said absolutely nothin goin... i wonder what wrong with that lake this year????
drove by @ 8:15am saw one fella in a clam not to far from the ramp.
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