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Recurve Bows

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I am interested in getting a new Recurve bows for you traditional Archers out their what would you recommend. I have been looking at Martin and Fred Bear recurves. I am trying to stay around $200.00. I have found that the Martin X-200 and Rebel are around their.

Give me some advice.

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Go to Kalamazoo this weekend. There will be hundreds of bows there to test. You may find something there or it may help you decide which of the two you want.

http://www.gnbco.com EXPO Kalamazoo
Wilderness archery in Ann Arbor has all the recurves you can think of.
I have a Martin X-200 and I really like it. I am not near good enough to really appreciate the high end bows out there. Maybe some day. They are works of art and they do feel wonderful in the hands but for my use I can't justify the money. The X-200 is just a good basic bow. I wanted to get a taste of shooting a recurve but I didn't want to spend a ton of money either. I think with the bow, arrows, stringer, finger tabs etc, I might have $225-250 in everything. I want to add a quiver at some point though. My Martin is rated at 44# but actually pulls closer to 47# on the scale. Usually the Martins are rated a little light...then again maybe they all are? What ever you do, don't over bow yourself. Get something comfortable to shoot and learn with. My set up sends arrows screaming down range around 160fps. With a good two blade head, I will not worry about lack of penetrtion on deer.

For some good insight, go to the tradtional archery forum on this sight....those guys can answer all of your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.
Thanks for the Responses,
Nothing against Wilderness Archery in Ann Arbor but I was their only once and he seamed to be a little on the High side. I have been shooting traditionally for about three years and learned to a recurve when I was about twelve so I know I can shoot a traditional bow. I just do not want to break the bank to buty one.

Thanks To You All and Good Luck in the indoor Leagues.

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