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Anyone get this email???

From: [email protected] [ Save address ]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Message from Sierra Antifreeze
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 10:18:56 -0600

It has recently come to our attention that the hunting community is upset
about one of our company's products, Sierra antifreeze,
which has a sponsorship with the American Humane Association (AHA). Our
intention with getting involved with the AHA several
years ago, was to bring awareness to families of pets and children about a safer
antifreeze, Sierra, due to it's less toxic nature vs.
conventional ethylene glycol based antifreeze. Every year approximately 100,000
pets/animals die from ingesting conventional
antifreeze off of garage floors and driveways. The objective was awareness of a
safer solution to this, not to alienate the hunting
and outdoorsman community. Unknown to us, the AHA has apparently taken some
active stances against certain rights of hunters.
Upon hearing this, we have made a decision to sever our sponsorship with the
AHA. Thank you for bringing this to our attention
and we hope you'll continue to support Old World Industries products like Sierra
antifreeze and other PEAK performance products.

Sierra Antifreeze

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I'm another one who received the same email.

It's a small victory but that's how battles are one. Money is what drives the antis campaign.

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It is a small but important victory. And in the end, simple logic and a few emails did the trick. The company deserves another round of emails from us... thanking them.


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I recieved what appears to be a personalized response. I must be special. LOL. here it is.

Joe, I'm the vice president of marketing of Old World. I wanted you to
know that since we were informed of the situation with regard to the
and their stance on rights of hunters, we have decided to cease our
sponsorship with the AHA as of December 31, 2003, therefore we will no
longer be donating rebate funds back to them as well. Please
that our intention with getting involved with the AHA years ago, was to
bring awareness to those families with pets and children that there is
antifreeze(Sierra) that is a safer formula than regular/conventional
ethylene glycol antifreeze, that would not harm children or pets if
accidently ingested. This is obviously a message that is important
today as
many hunters over the years have lost their pets due to accidentally
getting into a leaky puddle of antifreeze in the garage or driveway.
know hunters and outdoorsman are customers of PEAK and other Old World
products and want to continue to engage their support going forward.
thank you for bringing this to our attention and hope you will spread
news to the rest of your peers that we will cease our relationship with
AHA. Thank you.

Jeff Stauffer

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Here's the response I sent Peak in response to treir statement.

Thank you for your prompt response and reconsideration of your affiliation with AHA.

Be assured that you're companies decision to disassociate it's self with AHA is being spread throughout the hunting and fishing community. You will find that the sportsmen who objected to this affiliation will soon re-patronize your company, once we observe that your statement has been backed up with action. We do not expect you to align yourself with the hunting and fishing community. We do however, expect you to be aware that we consider a friend of our enemy, to be our enemy. We took this stance in defense of our way of life. I for one will now lower my defenses, and yet we will remain forever vigilant.

Joe Reddman

An American Sportsman
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