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Rapala® to Retire Trio of Classic Lures

2000 Will See the Final Cast for the Rapala Husky®, Shad Rap® SG and Family of Rattlin' Fat Rap® Lures

MINNEAPOLIS (February 21, 2000) - After faithfully serving anglers for more than 20 years, three Rapala legendary lures will be retired. On December 31, 2000, the Rapala® Husky® (all patterns), Shad Rap® SG (Silver Gold pattern only) and the family of Rattlin' Fat Raps® (all patterns), will join other classic groundbreaking lures -- including the Original Floating Rapala lure carved by Lauri Rapala in 1936, in the Rapala "Hall of Fame" in Vääksy, Finland. "This marks the first time in the history of Rapala an entire lure line will be retired indefinitely," says Tom Mackin, Rapala vice president. "Although we have discontinued lure patterns and sizes in the past, never before have we 'broken the mold."

According to Mackin, the decision to retire these Rapala lures was not easy. "It was a difficult decision - having to single out just one of our lures for retirement, let alone three."

"However, the reality is that the ever-increasing demand for new and innovative products makes it nearly impossible to maintain a high volume of products. Retiring these lures is the most effective way for Rapala to offer a full line of products to fit every fishing application."

"We realize our final decision will not be popular among many anglers," adds Mackin. "But we are confident this ecision will benefit anglers in the long run by leading to a more balanced line of lures."

Mackin also adds that although these lures likely are a favorite among many anglers, the quality and fishibility of these lures will live on in Rapala's future product introductions.

Reaction to the retirement was bittersweet among many Rapala Pro Anglers on the tournament trail. They all agreed the retired lures are extremely effective for a variety of species and fishing applications, but understood that making room for new lures -- such as the recently introduced Rapala Skitter PopT, Risto RapT and Shad Rap RST -- is the number one priority for the company.

"There is no question the retired lures are among the company's most versatile, having been among the most productive lures on the pro tournament trails," says Gary Roach, legendary walleye angler. "Anyone will tell you
the Shad Rap is a productive lure for walleye. But it's the lure's distinct patterns, particularly Silver Gold, that make it such an irresistible lure. In fact, the Shad Rap SG is a constant in my 'go-to' tackle box on the tournament trail."

David Fritts, 1994 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, has been using the Rattlin' Fat Rap - and winning championships - for years. "The Rattlin' Fat Rap is one of my most versatile lures - it casts well, runs true and has unmatched
action. There aren't many lures on the market today that are as reliable as the Rattlin' Fat Rap."

The Rapala Husky, originally introduced in 1977, has been a staple in American angler's tackle boxes for years. The Husky is a custom-designed lure for anglers who enjoy heavy-duty casting for walleye, bass and pike without impairing Rapala's legendary "wounded minnow" action.

According to Jerry Calengor, Rapala president, Rapala considered discontinuing the Husky in 1987. "The news was not popular at all," says Calengor. "In fact, it caused such a national uproar among anglers, we had to bring it back the next year."

The Rapala Husky, Shad Rap SG and Rattlin' Fat Raps will be available at local bait and tackle shops while supplies last. Regardless of demand, Rapala will discontinue production of the lures on December 31, 2000.


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I hate to see it happen. A few years ago they retired the original "Fat-Rap" which in two colors, were favorites of my oldest son. The chartruse/pearl & firetiger. He went to ALL of the tackle shops around Grand Rapids and bought every one he could find. They do catch fish!

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They will be sadly missed,I'm stocking up.
I have a plate titled Midnight Walleye,
0539 of 5000.It is a Rapala limited edition.
Any idea on the value? Plate is like new.
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