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Folks……I need a little insight here.

My 3yr old Bushnell rangefinder (labeled as a Cabela’s VLR-II) has steadily declined in its’ ability to acquire a target and register a distance. Cabela’s won’t stand behind it….says it is out of warranty. They instructed me to contact Bushnell, the manufacturer. Bushnell won’t stand behind it either……says it is a discontinued item and the parts are obsolete.

So I’m giving up on Bushnell.

Now I’m looking hard at Nikon’s collection of rangefinders.
But, I gotta admit, it is confusing.
They have 8 price-point differentiated models listed on the Cabela’s & BassPro websites.

The desire by sellers to have a range in price-points is understandable but the description as detailed by the retailer’s buyers on their webpage…or perhaps it is Nikon’s marketing staff’sown verbiage……is less than transparent. Meaning, several of these models are described with essentially the same features….yet there may be a $40 or $80 or $100+ price difference between ‘em.

The marketing text does not adequately explain why anyone should pay $230 for a ProStaff 5 vs $150 for a ProStaff550……and what features does a Monarch Gold have that justifies its’ $200 premium over the ProStaff 5’s $230?

1. ProStaff 550…..$150
2. ProStaff 3….$180
3. ProStaff 5….$230
4. Archer’s Choice…$260
5. Riflehunter 550…..$290
6. Riflehunter 1000….$350
7. Archers Choice Max….$390
8. Monarch Gold 1200….$430

Can some poster on these forums offer their experience or any insight at all on one or more of these models?

(none of the prices above are for the silly feature of camoflouage. On a rangefinder, for heaven's sake.)


(am posting this over on the Archery sub-forum also.)

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I have had a Nikon for a couple years, great range finder so far as I can tell thus far. I think mine is the 600-yard version. Purchased it with Bass Pro Rewards points; don't recall how much it went for retail now.

If I recall correctly, the Archer's Edge (or whatever it is/was called) had a maximum range of 100 yards. The new model you indicate might have better capability. The big + of the Archer's Edge was giving true horizontal distance instead of line of sight. That makes a difference, sometimes. For a gun/rifle hunter inside of 100 yards, it's a useless feature.

It's better to get a range finder that has longer range capability than your longest possible shot. The way they rate range finders, they assume a reflective surface. Deer fur is not really a reflective surface, so where you might be able to range a stop sign at the advertised distance, you may see blanks trying to range a deer or tree that is 100-200 yards closer in.

The Prostaff line is obviously the budget model. Not sure what the differences are between the Prostaff and Riflehunter versions without doing research for you but FWIW, Nikon Prostaff scopes are pretty good for the money.
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