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Question on Flasher/fishfinder

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I just got into Ice fishing last year and love it so I am getting a lot of gear this year to go more often. The question I have is, what is the advantage/Disadvantage of using a flasher over a conventional open water fishfinder, all I heard talked about are flashers, but will a fishfinder work?
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I tried my little portable Hummingbird 120 and it was OK, I mean it showed fish and all. Then I got a vexilar. MAN O MAN O MAN. I fell for all the hype, and BS and picked one up on a whim at Pilgrim Village in Caddilac. Price was a few bucks more than other places, but hey, I give them all my bait money anyhow so what the heck. They show me a quick demo, tell me to watch the video and ll and I leave, cause to me all that meant, Hey, get your butt on the ice right now!

So I turn it on, it is getting late in the day almost dark. I ahve a spudded out hold I found, my pole, bucket some bait and well, you get the point, STUFF.

I slide the little foam thingy down like they said, put it in the water, turned it on and all Isee is the green stuff and red stuff. So I figure screw it, it goes the baile on a tear drop. As I drop the bait in, and it goes down about a foot, I see some goofy red do going down about the same speed. I go down almos tto the botom with the red dot and sit there for a few minutes I see a red dot above my red dot and jerk my line up, just above the other dot. Then the dots meet and it is love, a small dinky little perch. The first one I ever caught by having some level of an idea as to what the hell I was doing!:D

I now have a high speed transducire for my Vex and use it in my 14' MirroCraft and I am selling a portable Fish ID 120 that works fine.
I have a very old flasher that I am going to try instead of the fish finder. Where are you from in Blanchard, I am from Shepherd, but I worked at Bandit over the summer.
I see a red dot above my red dot and jerk my line up, just above the other dot. Then the dots meet and it is love...
well said frantz :)
Frantz, I think you should have wrote the manual:D

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