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Question for Rob McCoy

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Rob - I seem to remember you saying you were going to be trying out those Heater BodySuits.

I am very curious to hear: How did it work out, what did you like, what didn't you like. Is it worth the $

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I love it. The honestly there isn't anything I don't like about it.

It does take a few times to get used to putting you feet in it but I can get in it in about 3 minutes.

After that it's warm and toasty.

The best thing is you can walk out to your stand with just paints and a light jacket. That thing is all you need unless it's really really cold.

I believe they have a warrenty if you don't like it you can send it back.

You will not have a problem during gun season or late bow but if the leaves were on you would have to have a minute to quitly get ready to shoot.

But I left mine un zipped and just held it togeather during prime time so I was ready.

If my hands and feet are warm I'm good. I have bad hands and feet. So far it's the only thing I have found that keep me warm all day.
Good to hear. I was curious as to how quick you could get a shot off with it on. Good to hear that you can hold it shut during prime time. Is it a zipper that unzips from the inside?

One more question. Can you put it on up in a treestand?

Thanks for all your info ;)
Yeah the zipper is on the inside.

You can get out of it pretty quick. I use the bow/gun holder they sell also. I have tried every one I can find and I like theres the best. If your gun or bow is right there in front of you ready to go you can get a shot off pretty quick depending on how quite you have to be.

The hardest part is getting your feet into the legs after that it's easy. I don't know how you are with hieghts I have some friends that are scared to death and they would never be able to put it on in a tree stand.

I'm fine with hieghts so I can put it on petty quick.

I pull it up with my gun once I have every thing ready then put it on.
So you are saying my size 14 feet won't help ;)

I am not afraid of heights so that isn't a problem. I think I will have to start selling my wife on the idea that i need one. I have been thinking about it for a few years now. Next season I will have one.
Yeah I have size 12 so I have the same problem...

The other thing you could do is take your boots off and get into it.

If I have to go deep thats what I would do. You wouldn't need boots on while wearing that thing. I haven't had it during a bow season so I'll know more after next year.

I think you'll like it I love mine.

I'm all about comfort when Im hunting if my feet/hands get cold I'm miserable. I have had frost bit on my fingers and toes so the cold really zappes me pretty good.
I like the idea of the suit but was wondering how you use a safety belt with it? I wear my safety belt under my arms and above the stomach. I can loosen it to add another wool shirt or a coat after I set awhile. What do you do about a belt or harness? Thanks !!! Ps. My beagles would rather I run them than set when it gets REAL REAL cold anyway. Ha Ha
I wear a harness.

I put the harness on with my first layer of clothes and bring the tree belt out trough the top of my shirt then put it around my wast. Once I get up in the tree I hook it up. Since it's comming out from the top off my shirt nothing is in the way.

Check out the web page that guy has his harness hooked up the same way. They send you a harness with the suite.

P.S. Don't tell but (The special Harness which only thet offer is the top of the line for tree stand safety) thats a good selling point for the misses:D
My dogs don't mind the 45 day break they get every year;)
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