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Pat, Is Colt planning on producing revolvers again, such as the Anaconda etc.? I have an Anaconda w/ 6" barrel and I'm curious if it has appreciated because they discontinued making them. Any idea what this gun is worth? I know gunsmiths hate that question if they haven't seen the gun. But, assume it's in good to excellent shape(it really is).It has only had about 200 rounds thru it. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Colt is essentially a skeleton gun maker.
They lost the M4 contract due to quality controll and volume issues.For years the M16A2 has been put out with the Colt logo on subcontracted and outsourced components,including FN from belgium made barrels and receivers.
The current owner is an Iraqi national,also owns saco defence,and is big buddy's with Charles Schumer and Teddy Kennedy.
Colt is owned by the enemy and will soon die a horrible death on the civilllian market,just as S&W if they continue to insult their customers and blackmail dealers.
Your Colt's value depends heavily upon condition,finish,and year of make.
However I will say that it is worth more now than when you bought it,and is a better investment than money in the bank.
Hang on to it untill you just can't stand it,then part with it.
As it is I have not heard any rumors of Colt putting out the Python again.
Hope this helps.
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