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Actually 2 questions. First do you own the gun shop in Hartford that got the mention in a magazine not long ago regarding cleaninig rifles and offering cleaning kits? And secondly it sounds like your a smith if so, I have a Savage MD 10 Tactic in .223 and I want a better trigger. The only one the local smith found was a Sharpshooter. He wasn't familiar w/ it and didn't want to order it and install it. I don't mind coming to Hartford if you can do a trigger job on this gun. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yep that's us,as seen in the deer and deer hunting equipment annual.
We are also responsible for the "Perfect practice" automated 12 program,portable,expandable,target turning system,and..coming soon the "Worlds fastest case cleaning system"wet process brass cleaning kit.And no I ain't the Ron popiel of the ballistic subculture! :)
As to your question on the Savage tactical.
Yep I do the sharp shooter installation for $25.00,and cost of components.
Rifle basix also just started marketing their drop in trigger.As i have yet to install the rifle Basix unit,I would only charge $15.00 as I would be guinea pigging your rifle,However the usual warranty on my work still stands.
The sharpshooter unit isn't bad except for a looser feel than I like,but they can be safely taken down to 1.0Lbs pull weight.
The new rifle Basix unit is advertised as over travel adjustable,weight from 8oz to 1.5lbs pull,and uses existing safety and pivot pin.I have been wanting to try one of theese units since I got the flyer.
Unit cost from us is $72.00.
Be glad to hook you up on it.
You also don't have to drive all the way over here.Gimme a holler on the phone on the toll free 1-888-811-9039 and let us know it's coming,toss it in a cheap hardcase,then a box,and launch it UPS or U.S. mail to the address on our web site www.sandbsports.com (Sorry about the site,our teenage web guy discovered girls in college and we havn't heard from him since)and then hit us with the plastic for payment.Turn around is about 3 weeks currently.Weather and hunting distractions not included ;).
That article you mentioned was supposed to have our address and phone number,but they printed it incorrectly,and then the next month they did a correction because so many folks were calling and complaining.
The writer Ian Mcmurchy is a heck of a nice guy,and one of the few that actually knows what he is talking about,when it comes to rifles and hunting.I didn't know him from adam before the article,and since then he has done a couple for Precision shooting,and Tactical shooter,and both were outstanding.
Thanks for the interest!Pat
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