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Question about beaver pelt drying

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Just starting casually trapping beaver for a couple weeks this past winter. Only got one. Fleshed it out a couple weeks ago and boarded it. The dried flesh still isn't really "dry". I can see grease on my fingers if I touch it. Is this normal?

I also don't know if I fleshed too deep. The skin is almost translucent in the middle along the back. I can see hair through it in most places. Is the hide still good for tanning or ruined? I can try and post pictures later. I've never fleshed anything before so I'm not sure what's normal and what's not. Thanks for any help.
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I got my first this year as well and some spots, mainly the edges weren't fleshed well enough and were greasy. Dabbing it with a towel a few times helped. As it dried and the fat I missed in the middle showed up easier I went back and trimmed it off.

Piggyback question- will a beaver pelt ever get "paper dry" or will it always have a greasy feel to it? I also got my first raccoon this year and that dried great. Absolutely no greasy-ness to it at all.

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