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Gentlemen -

I am interested in managing my father's land for larger bucks and a better buck:doe ratio. How would you go about it in my case.

The facts:

70 acres - 60% high grass/shrub (3-6 feet) and 30% woods...7 ponds and a 3 acre clover field. I estimate that around 50 different deer cross/feed/bed on the land every day. In early season it is nothing to see 15 different bucks. Usually we see 1 or 2 bucks with 100"+ antler growth each year. Our neighbors for the most part won't shoot doe. They do however shoot every buck they can (yes, admittedly more than 2 each if able). By the 3rd day of gun season there isn't a buck to be seen other than buttons. This frustrates me. I will not get the DNR involved because we are bow hunters and need neighbor permission to track animals. I feel it is useless to even attempt any sort of management.

What do you suggest?
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I would take about a third of the property and keep it as a sanctuary. Never hunt, scout, or even step foot around the area during or around any deer hunting season. Deer (especially the smart ones…AKA big bucks) have a very keen sense of knowing where they are safe. Should save some of the bucks from the neighbors. Also, While determining what piece of property you would do this to, I would make sure if benefits you and not the neighbors. And yeah…It wouldn’t kill ya to shoot a few does too. 50 deer using 70 acres is a lot, but I'm not sure I agree with the stack'em like cord wood plan, because you may see a lot of duplicates or just have a highly traveled area in excellent habitat.
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