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Gentlemen -

I am interested in managing my father's land for larger bucks and a better buck:doe ratio. How would you go about it in my case.

The facts:

70 acres - 60% high grass/shrub (3-6 feet) and 30% woods...7 ponds and a 3 acre clover field. I estimate that around 50 different deer cross/feed/bed on the land every day. In early season it is nothing to see 15 different bucks. Usually we see 1 or 2 bucks with 100"+ antler growth each year. Our neighbors for the most part won't shoot doe. They do however shoot every buck they can (yes, admittedly more than 2 each if able). By the 3rd day of gun season there isn't a buck to be seen other than buttons. This frustrates me. I will not get the DNR involved because we are bow hunters and need neighbor permission to track animals. I feel it is useless to even attempt any sort of management.

What do you suggest?
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Wow, thanks for all of the replies. Let me clear a few things up.

I would really estimate that 50 deer (on average) use our land each day. In fact, if any of you travel US-27 on a regular basis near the Maple River flooding...you have undoubtedly seen many deer on our land. My dad sat all day last gun opener and saw 72 deer from one stand.

This year my brother and I shot 5 doe off this land. In late gun season it is nothing to see 10-30 doe in a three hour sit.

We really do see around 15 different bucks in the first bow season. Last year I passed shots on 5 different bucks before I took a 9pt in early bow. I saw more bucks that I didn't have shots at.

We have a really good setup for a sanctuary. I think that is a great idea.

What is meant by a "browse"?

Thanks again!
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Actually, we have considered duck hunting. Unfortunatly, duck hunting would not help out bow hunting. I'll keep it in mind in case we ever decide to pick up the sport. There are a lot of ducks and geese on those ponds...especially in the spring.
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