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I was at the Crocker Road launch last Sunday for the LSC outing and like everyone had to negotiate the open water by the edge. Probably due to people coming off the ice to fast in they're cars and trucks.

I'm just woundering, are all the other launches "blown out" also?
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Crocker is the worst. Fairhaven has some open water and SANG is fine. The water at crocker only comes up about 6" or so. I watched a quad go through and it was only 1/2 way up his tires. That rut on the north side of the launch will probably be shot by the end of weekend.
i took my atv through last sunday, it was deep. all the a-holes in 4x4's screwing the ice up!! ya'll will be real cool w/ your stuff on the bottom!!!!!!!!
Just a suggestion, but I was thinking maybe we or they or somehow someone should block of one entire side of the launch ramp and leave just enough room for ATV's to get thru. Maybe we could park cars there to block it off. I've been having the same problems there at Crocker. I go thru it and my shanty gets submerged, then I sit in a wet shanty all day and it drips all over inside unless its a cold day then the thing just freezes up like cardboard. Last trip out I got my 3 wheeler stuck coming back in but managed to get it and my shanty out of the hole without getting myself a soaker. :rolleyes:
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