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Proud Papa!!

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PROUD PAPA!!!!! this is my 5 y/o. jesse dunn. some of you might have heard us on channel 7 last sunday. he got a total of 15 fish. this is our first year ice fishing & he loves it!!! you can see his haul in my gallery.
c-ya'll this weekend!
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That's awesome, bolodunn! The only thing better than catching fish is watching your kids catch 'em! Looks like he's hooked for life!
Too Cool there PAPA i would have liked to seen the smile on your face when he was catching the fish nothing like watching the youngsters catch a fish. Tell him congrats on his catch.
That's one of the best pictures I've seen!! But isn't that what it's all about. Sharing the ourdoors with the kids.
I have a 10 month old right now and I am waiting patiently for the day that he catches his first fish so I can have all those memories along with all the ones so far.:) :)

It looks like you have a fishin' buddy for life.
I always like these threads!:) That's a great picture dad and you have plenty of reason to be proud. You're teaching him right! Congrats!
That is just awesome, or in the words of my 17 year old boy who was standing over my shoulder, "Dude, that is trick" I don't know what that means, but i am sure it is good!
That's a dandy perch. No cold fingers with those serious gloves, either.
I bet your a proud papa:D Does your son give lessons and tips:eek: :p

Look's like you got yourself a bit of competition. If I recall you did'nt mention anything about you catching any fish HMMM??
I'll hit ya up Sat eve. Hat's off to the boy.
thanx for all the compliments guys!!! i have a great time outdoors with both my boys! i just remember how much fun it was when i was little!! & no, i didn't metion how i did!!! i was fishing in the same hole as him, & he smoked me!!!lol...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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