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Hey everyone.... First time poster here... I have never had an interest in traditional archery until today! I found a 60" 48# "Pro Bo Archery" Monarch recurve bow (model HB10) this morning at a yard sale in Elkton for $7.00! I bought it thinking "It might be a nice wall decoration"... But, I polished up and now I think I would like to start plinking around the back yard with it! It is in beautiful shape, with very few minor scratches... However, it looks as though it needs a new string. Its serial number is "MO24".

1) Anybody know where it was made?
2) What is its value?
3) I measured the bow from string groove to string groove and it is just under 62"...but it says it is a 60" bow... Is that normal?

I really am curious about these answers...:confused:

Thank you for your responses!
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